Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quick fix carpet tip...

Yesterday, my sweet little boston terrier did what dogs do...he went outside, ate some grass, and then came back in just in time to get sick on our cream colored berber carpet. I went to grab our bottle of carpet spot cleaner and found that we were all out of it. That's when panic set in...I couldn't leave this stain to set in so I had to find SOMETHING around the house to clean it.

First I tried an all purpose general disinfectant. I sprayed the spot and used a hot, wet towel to blot and scrub it up. This did not work at all. It smelled nice, and cleaned the surface...but the green grass stain was still there.

Next I tried baking soda and peroxide. I sprinkled the baking soda on and then poured a little peroxide on. I used a small scrub brush to try scrubbing it up. Again I found no results. Just wet carpet with a green stain on it.

The last thing I tried was my Shout laundry stain removal gel. I scrubbed the stain with the scrubber top on the bottle. Once the stain was covered with the gel, I used a hot, wet rag to scrub at the stain. With little effort this worked! No more green stain on the carpet!

So next time you need a carpet spotter and you're all out of your usual spotter, try this. I would recommend testing in a hidden area first.